True to the Strain, Lifestyle Concentrates

Next1’s founders set about creating the perfect balance between art and science to create concentrates that are true to the strain delivering a lifestyle enhancing, reliable and consistent cannabis experience.

Next1’s team of scientists and cultivators work hand in hand from seed through extraction to concentrate creation, to relentlessly pursue concentrates that deliver superior quality and potency and are “true to the strain” –meaning the unique characteristics of the strain are retained.

Next1’s vision is to educate and empower people to select the best cannabis product, either medical or recreational, to enhance their lifestyle. Next1 promises to deliver excellence- in process, products and service through forward thinking and innovation.


Next1 has a concentrate designed to enhance your life- whether you’re looking to relax, increase focus and energy or drift into the perfect sleep.

Live Resin Budder

The Next1 Difference

Every step of the extraction process demands a balance of art and science, beginning with the selection of plant material and ending with purging and ultimately packaging.

The Next1 extraction team is more than just a group of scientists- they are craftspeople perfecting the science and art of cannabis extraction.

At the heart of Next1’s extraction process are its A Class 1 Division 1 lab and Class 1 Division 2 extraction room. These state of the art facilities, designed in consultation with an industrial hygienist, and painstaking attention to detail, allow the team to safely extract oil and fulfill the Next1 promise of excellence. Following Best in Class General Lab Practices, Next1’s team samples every batch of concentrates to guarantee consistency and reliability in every product.

Next1 tests all products for potency and purity and complies with contaminant testing.

Next1 Extraction Service

Quality assurance and customization are the backbone of Next1 bulk oil extraction services. Next 1 works in tandem with clients to create and deliver customized oil and concentrates.

Where to buy

  • PotCo: MED
  • Buddy Boy 38th: MED and REC
  • Buddy Boy Walnut: MED and REC
  • Buddy Boy S. Fed: MED and REC
  • Buddy Boy York: MED (REC coming soon)
  • Buddy Boy N. Fed: MED
  • Buddy Boy Umatilla: MED
  • Lightshade Federal Heights: REC
  • Lightshade Havana: REC
  • Lightshade Holly: REC
  • Lightshade Dayton: REC
  • Lightshade Peoria: REC
  • Lightshade 6th: REC
  • Lightshade Iliff: REC
  • Lightshade Sheridan: REC
  • Green Man Hampden: REC
  • Green Man Santa Fe: REC
  • Mindful Berthoud: MED
  • Terrapin Care Station Manhattan: MED
  • Terrapin Care Station Folsom: REC
  • Terrapin Care Station Broadway: REC
  • Terrapin Care Station 33rd: REC
  • Terrapin Care Station Mississippi: REC
  • Standing Akimbo: MED
  • Sweet Leaf Aurora: REC
  • Sweet Leaf Federal Heights: REC
  • Sweet Leaf Thornton: REC
  • The Joint by Cannabis: MED and REC
  • Platte Valley Dispensary: REC
  • Green Tree Northglenn: MED
  • Green Tree Berthoud: MED
  • Pig n’ Whistle: MED
  • BGOOD Wash. Park: MED
  • Options Medical Center: MED

Contact Us

Have additional questions? Please email and one of our extraction specialists will be in touch with you promptly.

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